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BrewTroller Phoenix Available!
BrewTroller Phoenix Boards are now available in a limited Pre-Order.  Get yours before they are all gone!!!
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New To BrewTroller?
BrewTroller is the most advanced brewery controller designed for both the homebrewer, and the commercial brewer. Control your Gas, Electric, or Steam system with ease
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Motorized Ball Valve Preorder
We are doing another Ball Valve Preorder as a few folks who have preordered Phoenix boards need them.  Contact Us here or on Facebook to let us know if your interested.  Aiming to be around 29.99 plus shipping per valve, which is a discount.  Also looking at 1 wire control so these will work without the need for a relay board.


BrewTroller - A 'Duino based Brewery automation controller

BrewTroller is your ticket to automating your brew day, controlling your electric or gas brewery, and even brewing from your phone!

From the simple to the complex, this controller can integrate into new and old systems.

What IS BrewTroller?
At its core, its a microcontroller.  BrewTroller itself is just a control board, but when you add in the rest of the accessories, sensors, connections, and your heating source, it becomes a brewery.

BrewTroller Gives You:

  • Control and Automation of Electric, Gas, and Steam powered breweries
  • Multiple Interfaces, from onboard control, to your smart phone or computer
  • Liquid Flow automation via Motorized Ball Valves, Pumps, and Solenoids, all controllable with BrewTroller
  • Volume Sensing 
  • Recipe Storage
  • Delayed Start
  • MUCH MUCH More!
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